Escape rooms are an exciting new form of entertainment! You and your team will go on an action packed adventure filled with puzzles, interactive environments, special effects, enticing stories, and tons of fun for everyone! Set in a variety of fictional locations, there is sure to be a game you will love so grab your team and get solving!


Our escape room accommodates up to 6 players at a time, so grab your friends and family and prepare for adventure!


Click above to read more about our current games, then simply pick an available time slot and book your experience today!


Spread out and search the room for clues, find the missing pieces, and solve all the puzzles in order to win the game!


Race against the clock to solve all the puzzles before time runs out! There is no doubt, you will have a mind blowing experience!


Our passionate team of writers, techno geeks and artists have designed all of our games from the ground up. We incorporate exciting home brewed technology into our games which turns our rooms into movie sets - with you as the actor! We aim to amaze and delight you and your friends by teleporting your group to a seemingly different time and place. Click an image below to learn more about each of our games.

Book an Escape Room - The Mystic Temple
Book an Escape Room - Paradox
Book an Escape Room - Sub Optimal
Amazing detail! Brought me right back to my childhood like I was playing legends of the hidden temple/tomb raider. So much fun and so intelligent.
Maria S.
Very innovative puzzles, with quirks we hadn’t seen in any other room before. Great for families (probably not little kids, but teens and up), double/triple dates, groups of friends, small work groups, you name it!
Drew B.
The decorations and scenes they create are literally out of this world. They do an amazing job at transporting you into the situation. We were very impressed with the tech of the escape room and the experience overall!
This isn't just a set of puzzles and locks. It is almost like an interactive amusement park ride that you have to solve. Awesome time! I can't want to see what these folks put together in their next rooms. We'll be back!
Marsha L.
If you haven't done a puzzle/escape room, this is a great place to start (and if you've done a few dozen of them, you'll find enough new and fun here to be glad you tried it out). This room is perfect fun for a multi-generational group with lots of parallel puzzles to solve, and something appropriate for most ages.
The entire experience was incredibly smooth and (without giving anything away) the finale was completely satisfying. Would recommend for experienced players & first-timers alike. Hopefully they build new rooms soon so I can come back.


Escape rooms are a great alternative to regular team building activities - they promote communication, thinking outside of the box, and working together - all under the pressure of the clock. Want proof? Check out some of the wonderful companies we have worked with below!

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