Paradox: The Incredible Time Machine

NOW OPEN! The Architect has been working on a new machine, and he knows that you are the ones to help him complete it. His estate rests on a pocket of dimensional space that has some rather unique properties. It will create the perfect conditions for his invention. A storm will begin on your arrival and create a great deal of energy. In one hour it will reach its height! You need to prepare the machine and harness that energy to activate it before the storm collapses.

WARNING: PARADOX contains flashing lights which may affect players who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photo sensitivities.


Ruins of the Mystic Temple

You and your team of treasure hunters have uncovered a cube shaped artifact that you believe could lead you to the location of a lost Mayan temple. From what you have found in the texts you know this temple could be filled with hoards of hidden treasure. Unfortunately a member of your group has betrayed you and stolen the cube! He left to find the temple on his own, and now you must try to catch up to him and get to the treasure before he does. Beware, we have heard rumors that the temple is very dangerous and filled with traps for unwelcome visitors. If you don’t find him quickly, the temple very may well consume you!

Mystic Temple photo reel

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