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Looking for the best team building event around?

Give your employees an unforgettable experience that can build lifetime bonds and develop greater team cohesion. Our escape rooms explore your team dynamics in brand new ways and provide insight into what your team might be missing.

Join together in a race against the clock and test new strategies for working better as a team.


Players must share their findings and explain their theories in order to beat the clock! Communicating effectively is the number one thing your team can do to become winners!


Your team will face unique challenges that requires creativite solutions and thinking outside of the box.


Make connections, spot patterns, and find the missing piece to solve each puzzle. - what we call 'the Aha!' moment.


Our games encourage teammates to work together while having fun! With each player heavily involved in winning the game, you all will leave fired up and ready for your next challenge.

Escape rooms are a great alternative to regular team building activities - they promote communication, thinking outside of the box, and working together - all under the pressure of the clock.

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