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Our games are filled with puzzles, special effects, sounds, dynamic stories, and movie quality sets. Every moment is packed with action and surprises.

Each of our team building events includes snacks and drinks, and optional catering. Fuel up in our lobby and talk strategy with our escape room experts. Learn the tricks to beating the clock and escape victorious! 


Our staff provide a unique, guided experience that facilitates your team and provides them with the tools to put their communication, problem solving, and critical thinking skills to the test.

Each game gives feedback and is designed to engage with all types of players. Each challenge you face calls for a different skill set to conquer, and provides opportunity to work together in new ways.

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Our team building packages include everything you need for a great time!

We provide food, drinks, and entertainment to create an unforgettable event. Each of our team building packages includes the option to cater from a variety of restaurants. Choose between a ninety minute event with one game per player or a two and a half hour double action game event*. Before each game, our knowledgeable staff will help each team strategize and rethink solving dynamics. They can answer any questions and guide your team towards success all while ensuring everyone has a blast!

When booking an experience with us, you will have access to a personal events coordinator at no additional cost. This coordinator will work with you to personalize your event to best fit your needs.

*Add 30 minutes extra for catered events. We offered extended hours for private group events.

We offer additional meal catering options from the following restaurants:

Mad Greens
Panera Bread
Firehouse Subs
Marco's Pizza
Wayne's Smoke Shack

Our catering packages have something for everyone including vegetarian and vegan options. Let us know what options you are interested in on the form below and we will provide an estimated cost for each choice.

Each of our games provide a unique narrative theme and challenge. 
Here is a brief summary of what our experiences have to offer.

PARADOX - The Incredible Time Machine
Step into the home of an eccentric inventor and finish building his time machine to escape through the time stream. This game supports 8 players simultaneously and lasts up to 60 minutes. It features non-linear gameplay, meaning at any point multiple people can be solving different puzzles and must work together to complete them. 

Ruins Of The Mystic Temple
Embark on a quest for treasure, following an ancient artifact to the entrance of a long forgotten temple. This game supports 6 players simultaneously and lasts up to 60 minutes. It features multi level glyph translation, a deeply immersive set, and transports groups through jungle caves, deep into a lost Mayan temple. 

Frost Base Z
A malfunction has occurred in an underground arctic research station and a deadly virus is about wipe out humanity. Can your team get the base back online before its to late? This game supports 7 players simultaneously and lasts up to 60 minutes. It features an original story line, thrilling special effects, and award winning set design. Does your team have what it takes to save the world? 

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"My co-workers and I decided to do a team building outing, and decided that doing an escape room would be great! We had an absolute blast! I can't wait to go again and try a different room!"

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